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Our Services

Our array of products and services are built to manifest positive customer experiences at various brand touchpoints. We bring together various interactions from these touchpoints to create a 360° view, and with curated services for your business, we bring powerful insights that fosters business growth.


From a smart billing (POS) solution to e-commerce platform to an analytic Rewards Management system, we have tools to power your growth. What's more amazing is that all these products can "talk" to each other. 

Take a look at our catalog of products and services below and let us know how can we help you. 

Rewards Center

A loyalty management rewards platform that lets you create personalized offers and promotions for your customers to give them an experience they will never forget.

Powerful data driven platform that lets you truly realize the potential of customer engagement.

E-Com Platform

Make your business online and scalable in minutes with our E-com platform.

All you need is basic details of your product or service and you are all set to go online.

Campaign Konnect

A platform to manage all your marketing campaigns. Configure SMS, WhatsApp, IVR or Email as preferred mode of communication and let us konnect you to your customer

Schedule your campaigns in advance or send an ad-hoc chaser, Campaign Konnect manages all aspects of campaign management including the all crucial campaign performance reports.

Digi Bill

A smart POS billing solution that allows you to manage your sales efficiently. 

A multi-user multi-role platform that's easily scalable as per your business needs. 

Powered with robust inventory management, vendor management and taxation management capabilities, it strengthens merchants to manage their operations effectively. 


A smart platform to crunch customer data and generate marketing models to boost sales and engagement. Get Insightful data driven reports to make powerful business decisions along with real time recommendations.

This platforms uses various statistical models to decipher "who" your customers are and "what" you need to do to turn them into brand loyalties.

Business Consulting

Our Sales Consultancy service is designed to help businesses achieve their growth goals and objectives. We offer a range of services, including sales strategy development, sales process optimization, and sales team training. We help you streamline your business operations, boost revenue, and take your business to new heights.

Need more information about our services and capabilities? 

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